Analysis of Tables
Version 7

About Anota

Anota (Analysis of Tables) is a statistical technique to explore possibly existing relationships between categorical (nominal) variables. One of the variables is assigned a special role. It is called the dependent variable. All other variables, the explanatory variables, are considered to be predictors of the dependent variable.

Anota resembles linear regression analysis. The main difference is that the dependent variable in linear regression analysis must be numerical. In Anota dependent as well as explanatory variables are categorical. The estimated coefficients have the same interpretation as regression coefficients. They measure the effect of the categories of the explanatory variables on the categories of the dependent variable. The coefficients are corrected for possible effects of other explanatory variables and therefore present 'pure' effects.

Due to the specific nature of the model, it is not necessary to have the raw data. If suffices to input all possible bivariate tables. This reduces the amount of data which have to be processed.

Anota 7 is the first windows-version of a program that implements the Anota-technique. Earlier versions ran under MS-DOS.