SimSam is distributed with a number of population files. These files contain data on the country of Samplonia:
  • Samplon.pop contains the complete population of Samplonia. There are 1000 records and 6 variables. The variables are town of residence (there are 6 towns), province (there are two provinces), sex (1=male, 2=female), age (a value between 0 and 100), employment status (1=employed, 2=unemployed), and income (a value between 0 and 5000).

  • Samwork.pop contains the working population of Samplonia. It is a subset of the file Samplon.pop. There are 341 records. The 6 variables are identical to those of the file Samplon.pop. Note that the variable emploment status always has the value 1 (employed).

  • Samcows.pop contains the yearly manure production by cows on 169 farms in Samplonia. There are 3 variables: manure production, size of the farm (area of grass) and number of cows on the farm.
You can make your own population file. The maximum number of records is 1000. The explain the structure of the file, the first part of the file samplon.pop is shown below:

Population of Samplonia
1000 6
5 2 1 65 2 0
6 2 1 36 2 0
7 2 2 73 2 0
6 2 1 6 2 0
3 1 2 33 1 158
. . .

The first line must contain a short description of the population.

The second line contains the size of the population followed by the number of variables. The two numbers must be separated by one or more blanks.

The next lines contain the names of the variables. Each variable name must start on a new line.

The data records start after the last variable name. Each record must start on a new line. Each line must contains values for all variables in the order specified. Numbers must be separated by one or more blanks.